I started my journey from 25th December 2017 midnight. While i was suffering by Insomnia to some personal issues. I never had the opportunity to expose my ideas or start over until i opened my page “Glamshow”(Event Management) I never thought i would step into this until i decorated my own birthday own 20th birthday on 17th November 2017. Everyone praised about the decoration i took it very casually where my mom asked me “why dont u study event management” I replied ” let me het my A.levels result i want to finish BBA first One fine night,i opened a page named Glamshow and i thought of trying it out and updated all my birthday photos on it. I also uploaded few pictures from google esp the one’s which i would love to decorate. I fell asleep that night and by the time i woke up ,i found 5 messages on page. And to me at that time 5 messages was a gift. I have always been hearing, ‘Women are made for kitchen’ Women can never be a good business tycoon. ‘Women in Bangladesh were born to shop with husband’s money. These lines haunted me a lot. Coming back on the issue of Glamshow i got three bookings in 12 hours. To be honest,i was freaked out when this happened because i did not get any inspiration from anybody.Everyone out there use ask me,you think you really can do it?! Only my mom used to say”Best of luck for today’s work” Every time i stepped into a new project i used to think twice if i fail the people who discourages me will win. They will make fun of me. Within 20 days,i did 7 events. Still,I used to face discouragements. But nothing could hit me because i had less time to be bothered about hat people say as i was swamped with events and management. I was on my vacation and applied to university. I thought of utilizing every moment to the peak and achieve my goals. Gradually,the people who used to discourage me were stunned after seeing my raising position Within 25 days i thought of launching my online based boutique “Cozy Attires By Rnk” that i used to manage during my high school. I could not concentrate on it properly during that time as i was busy with studies. It takes a lot of finance to launch a boutique properly.I did not have much in hand as i am a student and i am very shy to ask for finance from family members. All i had in hand was my profits from event and fees from the tuition I did. I could invest them to design my dresses only but launching it properly was difficult. And again one fine night the idea of exhibition stuck me.I informed few of the entrepreneurs and surveyed if they are interested in participating in any exhibition around Banani in low cost. 80% people were interested and i got positive approach and encouragement in me. I could not stop myself from continuing and making myself work like a robot even in weekends as well. I plotted everything for my exhibition as it is the one i know that would bloom my Cozy Attires By Rnk.I organised everything through my event management “Glamshow”. We all discussed and set a date which was on 2nd and 3rd of February 2018. I had such a short period of time in my hand.Likewise,I had zero helping hands. I did everything by myself and organised it neatly and invited everyone. I took 10 participants in my exhibition which included food/desserts/shoes/jewelry etc. There were three special guests in my exhibition 1) Fiona Husein (owner of Mantra) 2)Nahila Hedayet (owner of prive salon ) All these influential female entrepreneurs came to inspire me and the moment they were congratulating me was the time when i thought “My hard works are paying off” It was a fantastic exhibition that led me to ecstasy and enlightened me to this stage. Today,the ones who used to ask twice”you think you really ca do it, asks me “Can you do it for me?” I proved that ‘Age is just a Number’ to the ones who used to say it’s not a cup of cake that you can do it in such an early age. My advice to all women out there,”you can do anything and everything if you really want it. If women were born to wash dishes our PRIME-MINISTER would not have been a female.
Raisa Naser Khan
Founder of Glamshow.


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